Monday, February 22, 2010

late Winter, checking in

Hi folks!

If the warm sun and longer days have you thinking about starting your own flock of hens, then consider signing up for the CLUCK list-serv. There you can query other local chicken-keepers, jump into the fun of organizing our first ever city coop tour, and generally stay in the know about all things chicken-related in Charlottesville. To sign up, simply email

Also, in case you missed it, check out Erika Howsare's great piece in this week's C-ville about the joys of fresh eggs and community-supported chicken coops.


  1. I just found your blog and while I don't live in the city, I do raise hens on a couple acres of land. I thought I'd post links to where I've blogged about our hens, raising chicks, and their coop and yard. I blog about them on two different sites: and

  2. We heard about you in c-ville. We have been interested in chicken raising for some time now and are just about ready to accept a few onto our little parcel of 5 acres. We aren't in the city, but we'd love to join your group to learn about where to get local pullets, etc. I saw you had a meeting last year. Any plans for another?

  3. We are the Healthy Food Coalition. A new org in town. We love your group name and are definitely interested in coming to your next meeting. Is there a contact person to find out more.
    Interested people in us can go to our web site

  4. Hey chicken people - I have two pygmy cross dairy goat girls for sale to round out your back yard farming - great milk and cheese from their moms! Call Laura 974 1488 if you want one!

  5. I found your blog from Virginia Living magazine in the April edition. For those that are wanting to get into chickens but not sure, you can always try renting first. I was also listed in the magazine: I serve both Richmond and Charlottesville.